Global Language Solutions provides turnkey professional translation services in more than 100 languages. Our services include document translation, website translation and localization, multilingual desktop publishing, video captioning and subtitling, translation project management, and transcreation. Our translation processes are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100 (formerly EN 15038) certified, and there are 2,500+ professional linguists and over 20 years of experience behind our work. We provide you with a dedicated project manager, work only with native speakers, and use the latest translation memory tools.

Our document translation services cover a wide range of document types including medical literature, patents, income statements, and video subtitling. We also provide transcreation services for marketing and advertising projects and website translation and localization.

Our translation expertise includes:

  • Technical manuals and patents
  • Regulatory documents
  • Medical literature, inserts, packaging, and patient files
  • Legal and trade agreements
  • Business and financial statements
  • Marketing, advertising, and public relations materials
  • Business and private correspondence
  • Scientific and technical articles
  • eLearning and multimedia
  • Websites


We utilize the latest translation memory tools and software, ensuring consistency across all translated materials, streamlining projects, and reducing cost and turnaround time.

Technical Savvy

Global Language Solutions is able to work in any native file format, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, QuarkXpress, and Microsoft Publisher. We can provide you with turnkey translation document service by providing press-ready documents ready to publish.

We can also provide assistance with the translation of your organization’s website, with both the cultural and linguistic expertise, as well as the technical savvy to handle all web-based file formats and popular content management systems, including those written in languages such as HTML, XML, and JAVA.

Global Language Solutions offers the best, most professional translation services available. Contact us for a free, no obligation quote for your translation project.

See for yourself...

To view one of our website translation projects, visit This multilingual education guide is for international students seeking information about universities, colleges, and intensive English programs in the U.S.

B2B Translation services

Global Language Solutions has been providing professional translation services for over 20 years. Our services include, but are not limited to, Document Translation, Website Localization, Multilingual Desktop Publishing, and Linguistic Validation. 

Our goal is to provide fast and professional translation service across multiple industries.
From the moment you submit a RFQ, GLS will work with you every step of the way and provide you with professional translation in a timely manner.

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Medical Translation

Medical translation services, a key service provided by Global Language Solutions, requires high level of professional translators and translation project managers. At GLS we handpick our team to best suit our clients requirements. We work with some of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, medical device manufacturers and clinical research organizations (CROs). Our team’s attitude and work ethics have given GLS a position as one of the most reliable medical translation companies in the United States and around the world.

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