True communication. Not just words. Not just once. Every time.

Communicating with a multilingual audience means more than just translating a website or company brochure. Both important ingredients, but not the whole story. Global Language Solutions makes it possible for you to get your message across effectively and accurately to your associates and clients; not just in their language, but in ways that show you value their culture. True communication. Not just words. Not just once, but every time.

GLS is an ISO 9001 certified translation and interpreting company providing turnkey language services in more than 100 world languages.


Global Language Solutions provides professional translation services in 100+ world languages. Our services include document translation, website translation and localization, multilingual desktop publishing, video captioning and subtitling, translation project management, and transcreation. We offer the best, most professional translation services available.

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eLearning & Multimedia

Global Language Solutions offers a full suite of production services for multilingual video, film, eLearning, media production, voice-overs, and subtitling. We provide you with a dedicated project manager who communicates with you throughout your multimedia localization project. Our translation processes are ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17100 (formerly EN 15038) certified, and there are 2,500+ professional linguists and over 20 years of experience behind our work.

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Linguistic Validation

The need to translate and adapt patient questionnaires for use in multiple languages and geographical regions has grown rapidly. This is due, in part, to the global scope of many clinical trials, as well as to FDA and EMEA guidelines and regulations for international clinical trials. Global Language Solutions provides professional translation and cross-cultural adaptation of patient-reported outcomes (PROs) into 100 world languages for use in global clinical studies. Our linguistic validation team helps make it possible to pool and compare the results across countries in multinational clinical trials.

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Global Language Solutions does more than translate words. We translate meaning. “Transcreation” is the process of adapting creative messages and content for other languages and cultures while staying true to original brand concepts. A successful transcreation process can include copywriting, image selection, font changes, and other transformations that tailor the message to the local market. Our team of local experts and native language speakers specializes in the transcreation of advertisements, logos, taglines, and a wide variety of marketing and branding content.

Take your branding and marketing messages into new markets!

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Global Language Solutions enables hundreds of the world’s leading companies to increase international market share. We provide professional simultaneous and consecutive interpreting services in over 100 global languages, worldwide. Our interpreters are carefully screened and selected to deliver the highest quality language interpretation services. Global Language Solutions can source onsite interpretation services quickly, and as close to your location as possible, in order to reduce travel costs and time delays.

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Translation Project Management

Translation and localization requires the coordination of many people around the globe. Perfecting project management is key to taking your products and services to new markets. Global Language Solutions provides full-service, turnkey language translation, localization, and interpreting project management services. Global project management is complex. Our skilled team streamlines the process.

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