Marketing & Advertising

Marketing & Advertising

Global Language Solutions does more than translate words. We translate meaning. Our team of in-country experts and native language speakers specializes in the adaptation of advertisements, logos, taglines, and a wide variety of marketing and branding content for the local market. In addition to translation, a successful local market adaptation process can include copywriting, image selection, font changes, and other transformations that tailor the message to the local audience.

Is English the Language of Business?

How many languages does it take for global businesses to stay competitive? According to independent market research firm Common Sense Advisory’s 2013 findings, it takes a minimum of 14 languages, which include Indonesian and Turkish, to get access to just over 80% of the total online population. To reach 80% of the economic opportunity, the research shows that online marketers need no less than nine languages, including Portuguese and Arabic. Global brands looking to appeal to 95% of the world’s online wallet will need 20 languages.

Our team of marketing and advertising translation experts can help your branding and marketing messages reach these multilingual markets!

More Than Words

A creative brief is imperative to the transcreation process. It provides guidelines regarding the demographics of the target audience or how the brand should resonate in the local market. For example, if the creative brief states that the advertisement should emphasize the fact that the product has four unique features, the local partners in countries with tetraphobia (superstitions regarding number four) might modify the brief to emphasize a different number of features instead.

Best practices for transcreation involves working with local offices, creative firms, or public relations partners in the target markets, so that they can provide feedback and ideas to help make the process a success. Transcreation projects involve working with bilingual creative writers, not just translators.

In-market Experts

GLS works with local experts to review the creative brief and add items that may or may not be appropriate for the target market. These local linguists offer translation services that are modified and adapted based on accurate cultural knowledge.

Take advantage of our in-market specialists who are equipped to handle transcreation in more than 100 languages—covering all of the most widely spoken around the world.

Here are just a few of the ways you can use our services to translate marketing materials and help capture multilingual markets:

  • Brochures and sales collateral
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Print, radio, and television ads
  • Press releases and media kits
  • Articles and newsletters
  • Banner ads
  • Billboards and signage
  • Catalogues
  • Websites and blogs

Whether you need brochures, articles, advertisements, websites or other marketing collateral, our experienced team provides accurate translation, localized imaging, and creative messaging adapted to the local market and culture.

Case Study

Growing Global Distribution and Sales via Localized Marketing Materials. Click here to request a copy of the case study.

Bring your branding and marketing messages into new markets!

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Marketing Materials Case Study

Think English is the de facto language of business? Looking to successfully sell your product in Japan or add distributors to your sales team in Brazil? Then you’d better step outside the English-only marketing box. Whether operating in a b2b or b2c sales environment, to grow your business in new markets, it’s time to communicate to your audiences in their native, and often preferred, languages.

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